I'm a first time dog owner who was totally overwhelmed and lost with my 3 month old puppy.  A friend of mine referred me to Jackie and, without a doubt, it was the best thing that could have happened to me.  Not only was she great with my little puppy, but, more importantly, she was great with me.  She taught me the fundamentals of what it takes to raise an amazing dog both in terms of obedience and play time.  The results were immediate and long-lasting.  By the age of 4 months I heard, almost daily, "Wow, he's only 4 months old and he is THAT good...How did you do that!?!?"  I am truly grateful to Jackie for our time together and I know my dog is as well. 
Brian Apple, West Hollywood

Hi Jackie,
Just wanted to say thank you again for a great training session.  And I know I'm not the only one who appreciates you.  I was at the vet's yesterday with Griffin (a sinus infection, probably related to teething) and I told him to "leave it" when he was chewing on his leash.  A lady sitting there asked if he had been in training classes and asked where.  When I told her she asked if the trainer had been Jackie (to which the answer is of course yes).  She said, "Isn't Jackie just great!  She's such a wonderful trainer."  So, your influence is far and wide.
Hope all is well.  I miss coming to class on Saturdays.  I really enjoy your teaching style.  (I teach too, so I know how important presentation is, and you have a great way of presenting yourself and the lessons.)
Shelby & Griffin
Thanks Jackie for the great experience Moosh and I had training with you. I
feel that I was trained so I could train Moosh. Your a special lady and I
will always have very warm memories of our time together. I know also that I
will have a better dog and she will be happier now that she has a good pack
Here are some nice pictures of Moosh.

Hi All,
I met Jackie upon entering the last phase of my work as a student at Animal Behavior College. I was looking for a trainer to do my internship work with and
do classes with. Jackie and I spoke and I knew she would be the one. Being I am a pilot flying international routes and have had German Shephards and all
kinds of animals my whole life I was really hoping I could find someone that would really help teach me what I did not know.  I also knew I was going to prepare to
to Schuzund with my new Pup Ally.  Jackie's Methods were the best PET DOG training methods and helped me fixed many an issue I was haiving
with my rambunctuious little one.  Since we were going on to other methods I was so glad I had learned the foundation I had with Jackie as it flowed right into
the other work and schuzund titling we have begun to do.  I have begun my own training practice and and forever grateful for what I have learned from her.
We love ya!!!
I have had many dogs in my life but Shugs is the easiest dog and I have the best relationship with her based on all you have taught us.
Everywhere we go people say to me... "wow" what a well trained dog.  I couldn't have done ti without you!!!
You Rock!!
Shash & Shugs
We are so lucky to have found you!!!  In one session you helped us turn Madie from a crazy wild pup to a more contained workable
puppy.  All the work and love you have given her has helped turn her into one amazing dog.  Her favorite memory is of her Herding adventures
out in Malibu with you.  Thank you for training her and teaching us!!!
Mark & Lee
To All those thinking of working with Jackie,
We called Jackie when Toto was 7 years old.  She had been biting us and going after us for years.  We did not think it
to bad of an ordeal until we dicided we were going to have a baby.  Jackie came over and in one two hour session she sowed us all
we had been doing wrong. What needed to be done to do it right. She even got a good bite during the session but did not let that stop her from teaching us
what to do. She made no guarantees as she said so much of it was up to us.  Literrally within a day or two of the new regimine we thought we had a
different dog. Did Jackie take the old Toto and leave us with a new one?  It was truely a miracle.  We are forever grateful!!
Thanks Jackie,
So Grateful!!
Toto, Ono and Paul
I am AMAZED that after Louise's week with you he has not made one mistake in my place.  He used to Pee & Poo everywhere.  It was worth every penny. You are a lifesaver.  Thanks so much,
Rebecca & Louise.
Dear Jackie,

Monica's (the pug) daddy said TEDDY was the star of the class.  He was wrong.  You.
Jackie Hakim, was-are-and will remain "The Star" of the class.  Teddy, a rescue dog that
had been abandoned, was left with anxieties.  From the day he and I hooked up with you
and your caring sensitivity, he has mellowed.  He walks tall with a clear sense of trust and
security.  You are indeed the best.   Thanks, from his parents, Kelly and Chris, Teddy and me.


Joe D (DAgosta)
Dear Jackie,
When I contacted you, I was so afraid I could not keep Tiney as I was not sure of the extent of her aggression.  Thank you so much for helping me to understand how what I was doing and how I was reacting was creating her reaction.  She is doing so much better, as you got to see in class.  It's amazing.  Thanks for educating me to help train my dog.
Barbara & Tiny
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