Potty Train Cheat Sheet






Potty Training

Cheat Sheet


1.)    Feed At Scheduled Times and dont leave food down.


2.)    Dog sleeps in confined area or place he wont want to go to bathroom (Crates are best.. or on your bed on leash attached to your wrist so they cant get up in middle of night and go.


3.)    You take them out first thing on a leash teach them the words associated with outside and go potty or do your business.  When Dog does REWARD WIT THREATS IMMEDIATELY.


4.)    Keep a log for two weeks of their Pee Poop & Feeding Times.


5.)    Once your dog goes outside and is rewarded coming in and having free time with you is part of that reward.


6.)    Free time is limited depending on age.  Once some free time has been given..we then go back to confinement.. before they have a chance to make a mistake.


7.)    Confinement can be : tethered to various things such as  you a chair a desk (they dont pee & poo usually if they have to spend time in it) or in a crate.  Once they have built up some time to have their bladders fill up we untether them.. or take them out of crate on a leash and REPEAT Steps 3 7.


8.)    If they do not go when you take them out. THEY GET NO FREE TIME and go right back to confinement. Take them out hour later and try again. 



9.)    Repeat until they learn freedom is earned by going outside and that they have a muscle they can learn how to control when they go.


BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


























































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