"SIT" is really the foundation for all obedience. All other commands, learning and control branch from this one simple exercise. Even for those who don't care to teach "formal" obedience, "SIT" will still be a valuable tool and here is why.

I encourage you to look at Sit as your dogs way of saying Please, May I?

When I tell my dog to sit, what am I doing?  Is it just a trick I have taught them?  When I tell my dog (notice I did not say ask?)  to sit, I am telling them a few things.


First and foremost it is a way for them to be polite.

Second, they can not demand things from me, but they can ask permission.


Do you know the Expression "TRUST FUND BABY"?

We have to be careful not to raise a "Trust Fund Puppy".  What I mean is that if I were born into a lot of money and my parents gave me everything I wanted without me having to work for it, or ask for it nicely throughout my childhood, why would I want to do much of anything they asked, how would I learn manners if they did not enforce them and why would I ever want to get a job? I already get & have what I need or want. 


If my dog has everything he wants, my love , my attention, my praise, the toys I bought him with my hard earned money.. as well as my energy when I play with, for free.. Then why when I ask him to sit would he?  He already gets it all for free why work for it.  He wouldnt unless I got very forceful.  So To keep away from methods requiring too much force I want you to think about if you make your dog "earn" things he wants needs & desires. By sitting..and asking please may I, then I have a dog who knows I HAVE WHAT HE WANTS and he has to be polite in order  to get it.  Great pack leader skills.


With the above formula we will have no trust fund puppies. J



A lot of training is teaching them to ignore their instincts and to do it how we need them to.


The good news is, they get everything they want after they .ask politely, or follow the rules.

This brings me to my next question.




Walking, petting, going through the doorway for a walk, going for a ride, playing fetch...etc


How to get 30 sits a day.

You want to me to pet you .sit.

You want me to take you for a walk, before I go through the door first, you will ..sit.

Before I put your food down, you will. sit.  You will remain seated until I tell you otherwise.

You want me to play with your toys with you; before I do you will .sit.

You want me to throw this ball for you.. Sit.

You want to go for a ride... sit

You want to come up on my lapsit

You want a treatsit

You want to greet people at the door. Sit

You want people to say hello to you on the streetSit

At every curb you.Sit.  You then will wait till I signal you to proceed forward.

You want to come in the house. Sit.

You want to get in the carSit.

You want to get up on the BED. SIT!!!!!



I am sure you can think of "other scenarios" and please do.  This is just a start.


Anything your dog wants is considered a treat.  Your love your affection, food, going for walks, toys, play etc.  Ask for a sit prior to these things as you will have a dog that knows how to ask for what he/she wants. Nicely.


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