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Basic Obedience - Dog Training

(This class is not for aggressive dogs)


Dear Students,


Congratulations & Welcome. You are embarking on the continued journey of building the right and rewarding relationship you are looking for with your Dog.


First things first.

Please remember. Your dog is an Animal, then a canine, then the specific breed, then his or her personality.  Much of our confusion comes from doing the disservice & not respecting your dogs Canine-ness.


As you will see in some footage during the first class, some scientists have now enough information to say your dog is actually not even a separate species from a Wolf, just different races of Wolf, like we have different races of Human Beings but we are all still Human Beings. The different races being the different breeds, yet all still..yes..Wolf..


Please remember that your dog, is a pack animal and leadership is essential for a calm and content relationship.  If you dont take charge they will.  I will teach you how to accomplish this. PLEASE BRING TO YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR DOG...CALM ASSERTIVE ENERGY.  In a pack.. the leader does not speak to the others... just walks around..calm, confident and sure.. that the rules and boundaries are made by "the Alpha" and by their energy alone.. no words... they are usually not challenged.  YOUR ENERGY you use to communicate with you animal is essential. PLEASE DO NOT HUMANIZE YOUR DOG.  this is where the problems begin. 


Let's talk about LEARNING!!


Do you remember how long it took you to learn the quadratic equation? You went to first grade for 186 days (approx) to learn 1 + 1 then 2nd grade to learn 1 x 1 then 3rd and so on. What you see in that is that to BURN things into your brain it takes repetition. Your dog will need minimum of 100 repetitions per excersize before it becomes familiar easily.  From a book written by a gentleman known as "Katz" who wrote a book called "KATZ ON DOGS" tells us it is 2,000 repititions before it is really Burned into their brain.  Just like learning to play an instrument or a sport you did not master them overnight.  Be patient and know that their progression is up to how much time and energy you give them. MArgot Woods  a famous trainer I respect and admire gives a homework assignment of 100 repetitions PER DAY PER EXERCISE, for your dog to really get it.  UH OH.. that means you need to work WITH them.... That brings me to the next subject..




Yes it's YOU I am teaching to TRAIN your dog. To have the right relationship with him/her. I am with you one hour a week. You have 24 hours * 7 days to practice till we meet again. So its your relationship you are working on.


I want you to think about what it would feel like to be a trust fund baby. I know I would personally love it. Dont have to work, do what I want when I want.Ahhhlife would be good. If I was a trust fund baby and I was told I then needed to work for 10 $$per hour even though I had millions in the bank, Id  tell you, you are crazy.!!  Well Thats how a dog that gets everything it wants for FREE will feel when You start to ask it to obey you. What does this mean?  You let them eat dinner without sitting and waiting. You let them through doorways before you. They get to be on the couch..without asking permission first.  They get treats from you..cause they are cute.  They have all the toys they want wihtout having to earn them. .  NO TRUST FUND PUPPIES please!!!  N.I.L.I.F. stands for Nothing In Life Is Free.  That is your NEW motto in case it wasn't before.


Remember..your Dog (wolf) comes from a history of needing to hunt for food, keep the family safe, watch out for predators, move to a new den now and then, travel, watch, hunt, guard... They use alot of energy to get through a day.  Withought the proper EXERCISE, they will..drive you nuts!!! pLEASE HELP THEM GET RID OF THE ENERGY THEY USE TO DRIVE YOU NUTS.  A walk around the block with thier nose to the ground is not EXERCISE. Be Creative.  IF you can't do it yourself, send them to a good daycare for the day and exhaust them!!!!


The following pages have some class guidelines and general leadership guidelines. If You are experiencing aggressive type behavior or have specific issues that I do not cover in class, PRIVATES are available. This is a Basic Obedience Class.


I look forward to working with you.


Jackie Hakim  310-578-1590

Heeling Arts Dog Training



                         PACK LEADERSHIP GUIDELINES






Make your dog yield to you whenever you feel. If he is laying down in the middle of the room walk through him/her.

Step Over your dog if they are in your way.

STOP if your dog is pulling on lead. Wait till they loosen and come back to you before continuing your walk.

Keep walking forward with them.

Eat BEFORE You feed your dog

Feed your dog before you get a chance to eat. If you dont eat breaksfast..fake it.

Walk through the door before your dog.

Use your body to block them if you must

Lert your dog run out the door first on the leash.

Groom your dog until you are Finished

Stop if your dog tells you he doesnt like it.

Make sure your dog can spend time alone.

GO into him if he is barking for your attention

Begin and end play sessions, and you must end up with the toy and put it away.

Play with your dog if he brings you a toy, UNLESS you use that opportunity to get him to sit, lay down etc.. first (LIFE REWARDS)

If you tug of war you MUST win.

Play tug of war with your dogs.

Teach them funs gamesfetch betc..

Play wrestling games.

Praise the behavior you like..

Give any command MORE THAN ONCE, and if you give a command and they dont oblige, make them do it!!!!


Pack Leaders are allowed to:


  1. Eat first, eat whenver, and as muchas wanted.
  2. Sit on any furniture and be Up High.
  3. Not move or get out of your way.
  4. Make ALL rules and decisions.
  5. Go through Narrow spaces in front of others.
  6. Demand attention from subordinate Pack members.
  7. Initiate all games
  8. Win All Games
  9. Control entry to rooms
  10. Ignore or discourage behavior not approved of.
  11. Be in Control.



Class Requirements



The same person must bring the dog to class each time. You may have other family members come and take class but the handler must remain consistent.


You need a towel or mat at EACH Class.


You need a 6 foot NON retractable leash, appropriate for your dogs weight.


A LONG LINE 20 40 feet.


A hands free treat holder, Fanny pack, or clip on.


A large bag of treats cut into the appropriate sizes for you dog.


Bring a HUNGRY somewhat exercised dog.


Doggie bags for pickin up poop.


An appropriate collar or harness as discussed in first class.

With all COLLARS..make sure it can not slip over your dogs head.  The two finger rule says.. you should be able to only fit /slide 2 fingers under and if you can get more it too loose.


Your Patience & Your Love, Your Calm Assertive Energy.



Dogs FOLLOW leaders. Calm Assertive Leaders. Not loving leaders or spiritual leaders, but Calm assertive leaders!!!


Following means there is some authority to Follow..You must be that authority.



Jackie Hakim  -  Heeling Arts Dog Training   www.heelingarts.com  310-578-1590



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